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Bus Howard
Resume / References


Bus Howard

AEA              AFTRA               SAG
 Height. 6'-2"                 Weight: 230lbs   
Dreamgirls                                  Marty                               Signature Theatre
Death of a Salesman                     Charley                             Virginia Stage Company   
King Hedley II                             Stool Pigeon                      John Beasley Theatre
Jitney                                          Doub                                  Kansas City Rep
Jitney                                          Doub                                  Arizona Theatre Company
Stories of Mountain Railroads      Little Bull                           Greenbrier Valley Theatre
The Emperor Jones                      Brutus Jones                      American Theatre Company
The Nat Turner Story                  Nat Turner                         Smithsonian Institute
Anna Lucasta                               Joe                                     Rep Stage
Polk County                                  Few Clothes                        Arena Stage
Jitney                                          Doub                                  Studio Theatre
The Great White Hope                  Pastor                                 Arena Stage
Tripping Through the Car House   Grease                                Woolly Mammoth Theatre
…about Malcolm X                         Malcolm X                           Smithsonian Institute
 Frederick Douglass                      Frederick Douglass             Conquering Lion Productions
The Meeting                                  Rashad                               The Kennedy Center
The Piano Lesson                           Wining Boy                         St. Louis Black Rep
Living History                                Frederick Douglass             Royal Pickwickians
The Meeting                                  Rashad                                Source Theatre
Spell #7                                       Ross                                    Studio Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream          Bottom                                 Shakespeare at the Folger
Television / Film

VEEP                                            Carl                           Dir. Tristram Shapeero
Law and Order                             Janitor                      Dir. Norberto Barba
The Wire                                      Ott                            HBO Entire Season 2
The Corner                                   Joe Laney                  Dir. Charles Dutton
Murder at 1600                             Park Police                Dir. Dwight Little
Homicide                                      Bop Gun                     Dir. J. Wright
Home for the Holidays                  Principal                    Dir. Jodi Foster
Serial Mom                                   Gus                            Dir. John Waters
America's Most Wanted                Wm. Brandon Jr,        Dir. Doug Cheek
JFK                                              Major Bill Rankin       Dir. Oliver Stone
Rocky V                                        William                      Dir. John G. Avildson
A Man Called Hawk                       Leonard Melrose        Dir. Bill Duke

Singing(Baritone), Stand-up Comedy, Guitar, African Drums, Harmonica, Swimming, Sailing, Stage Combat, Licensed Automobile Driver                  
The Negro Ensemble Company - New York,NY
Frank Silvera Writers Workshop - New York NY
Shakespeare at the Folger (Fellow)- Washington DC
Arena Stage – Washington DC

A Partial List of Past Performances   

The White House Washington DC  
The Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 
Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Kinderhook, NY
The Charles Sumner Museum And Archives
The Manassas Museum
The Reginald F. Lewis Museum Baltimore, MD
The Smithsonian Institution
Corcoran Gallery of Art
The Congressional Black Caucus
United States Marines Corp
Children's National Medical Center
Jack and Jill of America
TRW Corporation
Creative Arts Program Fairfax County VA
Bell Atlantic C.I.T.E. Regional Cinvention Baltimore MD
Crawford Auto Museum Cleveland OH
Westminster College
Albright College
Oxford Community Center
Linden Hall School Lititz PA
Gifted and Talented Program
South Bowie Community Center Bowie MD
Roland Park Country Day School
Bladensburg High School
Northwestern High School
Wheaton High School
Malcolm X Elementary School
Waples Mill Elementary School
Stratford Landing Elementary School
Weyanoke Elementary School
Chesterbrook Elementary School
Enterprise Elementary School
Raymond Elementary School
Fredericksburg Elementary School
Lake Anne Elementary School
Union Mill Elementary School
Hugh Mercer Elementary School
Burnt Mills Elementary School
Strathmore Elementary School
Mt. Rainier Elementary School
Mt. Royal Middle School
Annapolis Middle School
John E. Mercer Community Center
Camp Potomac Woods
Oakwood School

What they say:

April 5, 2001
Bus Howard has served as a Kennedy Center Residency Artist for the past two years. Kennedy Center Residency Artists are selected from a large pool of talented and qualified professional artist in the Washington-Metropolitan area. Following extensive training in standards of learning, classroom management, curriculum design and other arts education-related topics residency artists are placed in classrooms in the D.C. public Schools. After collaborative planning sessions with the assigned classroom teacher, the residency artist designs a curriculum-based arts residency that can last between five and fourteen weeks.
Mr. Howard's work as a Kennedy Center Residency Artist has always been exciting and engaging. He approaches each assignment with enthusiam and creativity. He is a consummate actor with the ability to instill discipline in his students without squelching their creative instincts. He has the uncanny ability to enter a classroom (be it sixth grade or twelfth grade) and mesmerize the students. They want what he has and are willing to work very hard to get it. Further, his perceptive abilities allow him to design residencies that serve the needs of the students, while supporting the curriculum and improving communication skills.
Each residency artist is required to plan and present a culminating event at the conclusion of the residency period. I was always amazed at Mr. Howard's ability to bring his students (many of whom had never been introduced to drama) forward on the stage and through original works produced by the students themselves display a true understanding of dramatic technique and ensemble acting. The teachers and the students took obvious pride in their accomplishments, as did Mr. Howard.
It is my hope that Mr. Howard will continue to share his gifts and skills with the children of Washington DC, his work fills a void in their education and their lives.

Tina Powell Harris

Manager of Community Partnerships
Education Department
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
July 16, 2001
Dear Bus,
I am so sorry this letter has taken so long for me to write. I should have written months ago to thank you for the wonderful, fabulous workshop you provided for our fourth and fifth grade students this past spring. The students were so excited and looked forward to your weekly visits. I was extremely pleased with the confidence and inner strength you gave to each student. An example of this was when the students were learning to repeat Psalm 32 from memory. You encouraged them to draw upon their inner strength from themselves as well as from the group. The result was the children were successful and felt proud of their accomplishment. The dynamics of the classes changed to that of a group of students more willing to support each other.
Over the last six years you have worked with our middle school students to develop their stage voices, write and produce six plays. You have become a part of our family and we feel so blessed by the sharing of your wonderful talents with all our students and teachers. We hope to see you next year.


Margy Wolfe

St. Martin Lutheran School
Annapolis, Maryland
_________________ ___________________ ______________________

October 13,2006
Dear Bus,
It was such a joy to have you with us twice right here in DeLaSalle and to have the privilege of seeing you as Doub in Jitney, as well. Your energy, enthusiam, ideas, and articulation were an inspiration to us all. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to learn right along with my students, and you woke us all up and had us enjoying the experience with you every step of the way. Everyone felt respected, engaged, and challenged, and with so much fun at the same time that it made us want more of the same. We'll be talking about it for a long time.
We will be wishing you well as you continue on the road with Jitney and beyond, and we'll be keeping an eye and ear out for your face and voice on TV and radio and in movies in the years to come. Most of all, we'll be hoping to hear of your return to Kansas City, whether as part of an ensemble or in one of your one-man shows. You have so much to offer our city, and in particular our young people. I can't thank you enough.

With best wishes,

Debbie Franks

Language Arts Teacher
DeLaSalle Education Center
Kansas City,Mo

_________________ ___________________ ______________________

Sept. 6, 2007
Bus Howard came to Summit School during the spring of 2007 to work with our eighth grade students. This group of children was preparing to compose and deliver their eighth grade graduation speeches and Bus's objectives were to build confidence, increase cooperation and strengthen public speaking skills. Bus engaged the students instantly, and had them excited and learning throughout the workshop. A week later, my students could still recite the poems and rhymes that they learned with Bus. Even better, they knew that if they forgot a line, they could work together to come up with it.
I think that the most important benefit for the students was the sense that they had the power to accomplish their goals. When I asked the kids what they learned, they talked about how they learned the importance of listening, using their imaginations, and believing in themselves. A true testimony to Bus came during the graduation speeches, when several students took the time to acknowledge him in their speeches.
I have seen Bus work with students in a variety of settings, and he elicits enthusiasm and respect every time.


Christine Shea

The Summit School®
Instructor/Language Arts coordinator
Edgewater, MD 21037

_________________ ___________________ ______________________

Sept. 5, 2007
He has a long association with the Prince George’s Arts Council. He has been presented as a performer. He has conducted workshops in schools and community centers. He has served as a grants panelist. Mr. Howard is a dedicated artist. He is committed to his craft. Additionally, he is very highly motivated to use his art as a tool of learning and teaching. When he brings historical figures to life he does so with an understanding of curriculum and instructional needs. He is willing to work with teachers and arts coordinators in order to achieve mutually understood outcomes.
Steven Newsome
Prince George's Arts Council

Sept. 7, 2007
This is a reference statement for Mr. Bus Howard who served as an artist in residence at Marie H. Reed Community Learning Center, District of Columbia Public Schools recently. As a regular classroom teacher, as well as an ESL teacher, I worked with Mr. Howard in several programs under the auspices of The Kennedy Center. Mr. Howard visited my classrooms on a weekly basis and provided speech and drama techniques, strategies, as well as a variety of activities that encouraged students to express themselves creatively. His activities were especially helpful in building confidence in language skills for English as a second language students. Students enjoyed working with Mr. Howard and the sense of achievement experienced in presenting a culminating program for an audience. Mr. Howard and I partnered for two different Kennedy Center Programs. Each experience was unique and rewarding, both affectively and cognitively.
During Black History Month Mr. Howard was invited to present a monologue of Frederick Douglass (in costume) for the entire student body and staff. He captivated the audience and kept them spellbound until the end of his performance. It was a stimulating history lesson for all. My collaborative teacher/artist experiences with Mr. Howard have been an invaluable opportunity to extend and enhance the required curriculum. The arts are a vital component of daily learning experiences and must be embraced enthusiastically. I highly recommend Mr. Bus Howard as a qualified, professional artist to be a part of the classroom.

Mrs. Mary O. Nasibi

ESL Teacher
Marie Reed Community Learning Center
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